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At NYCC we appreciate how vital heart health is to overall health and longevity.  As the number one disease killer in the U.S., heart disease has the potential to affect each of us.  While we cannot control our family history and genetic predispositions to the disease, the good news is that many of the factors that put us at risk for heart related problems are modifiable.  By some accounts as much as 80% of heart related problems are preventable.  The first step in preventing heart disease is to understand the most common risk factors associated with heart disease, so that you can adjust your behaviors and modify your lifestyle to protect your heart.  Lifestyle changes including prudent diet, healthy weight management, regular physical activity, and avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can greatly reduce one’s risk for heart related problems.

Looking for personalized dietary guidance? Our registered dietitian, Solai Buchanan, RD, MS, is an expert in weight management and nutrition therapy for heart disease and diabetes.

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