Nutrition Services

Nutrition Consultation An in-depth nutritional assessment and evaluation of dietary intake and lifestyle patterns.  Weight and percent body fat are measured.   Taking into account your cardiovascular assessment & care plan, our dietitian collaborates with you to devise a detailed nutritional plan of action based on specific behavioral change goals.  She provides tailored menus as well as nutritional know-how to enable you to take charge of your intake and activity. Check out our Weight Management Program for more information.

Body Composition Testing With our body fat analyzer that utilizes foot-to-foot bioelectric impedance technology, assessing your body composition is fast, reliable, and painless.  Because of the variation in individuals’ skeletal frame size and amount of muscle, assessing percentage body fat can be a more accurate indicator of chronic disease risk than weight alone.  Also, during weight loss, the goal is to lose body fat rather than lean tissue, so tracking body fat ensures weight loss is occurring in a healthy way. Check out our Weight Management Program for more information. 

Metabolic Rate Testing The resting metabolic rate (RMR) is the number of calories the body burns each day with little or no activity.  Every individual’s RMR is unique to him/her.  By measuring individual RMR, we can precisely determine calorie needs.  We use a handheld indirect calorimeter that measures the exchange of inhaled and exhaled air while breathing to accurately assess RMR. Check out our Weight Management Program for more information.

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