Weight Management Program

Weight Management Food Model

Safe Weight Management for Cardiovascular Risk Reduction & Long-Term Health.

We offer comprehensive nutrition treatment services for chronic  disease prevention and management.  Our doctor-supervised weight management program is covered by most insurance.  We also offer stand alone nutritional counseling at very affordable rates.  Please call 718.894.7907 to inquire about our weight management and nutrition services.


Take Action to Prevent and Treat Heart Disease with Our Weight Management Program

 Many health factors put you at risk for chronic disease including high blood pressure, high blood lipids, elevated fasting blood sugar, and excess body weight.

These risk factors are preventable and treatable with improved diet, increased activity, and effective weight management.  Our program is designed to put you on track to live a healthier, longer, and more fulfilling life.

Our providers have the expertise to help persons with heart disease and other serious conditions safely lose weight.  We are also here to help persons looking to prevent the development of chronic disease.  It is never too early to start actively managing your weight.

Our weight management program includes:
heart apple♥    Cardiologist heart health assessment & physical activity prescription
♥    Body composition analysis
♥    On-on-one nutritional counseling sessions with our registered dietitian
♥    Individualized meal plans & dietary problem-solving  support
♥    Tailored menus
♥    Food journals, healthy recipes, & shopping lists
♥    Setback prevention counseling by cardiologist
♥    Healthy eating & weight loss group support meetings
♥    Prescription drugs for weight loss when indicated
♥    Metabolic rate testing if desired  ($65 fee)

 What you can expect from our weight management program:

 metabolic testingInsurance-covered service with no long-term obligations.

  •  With our program there is no obligation to remain in the program.  We accept most insurances. With insurance, the only out-of-pocket expenses are your insurance co-pays when you see our doctor and a flat $10 fee when you see the nutritionist. 
  • If you choose to have your metabolic rate tested, most insurances do not cover the test.  Though the test is not necessary to lose weight, it does provide useful information on your individual calorie needs and can help to clarify your intake targets.  The metabolic rate test costs $65.

Personalized weight management support provided by a cardiologist and registered dietitian.

  • At your initial visit you will meet with our cardiologist.  He assesses you for disease risk factors & helps you determine what level of physical activity is safe for you.  At this visit, all patients have an electrocardiogram (EKG). If indicated, additional tests to evaluate your heart health can be carried out at our clinic.

exercise plan

  • At your next visit, you will meet with the dietitian for approximately 1 hour.   She takes baseline measurements of your weight and body fat composition.  She assesses your current diet and activity levels and evaluates these in the context of your overall life situation and health status.  You work together to set realistic behavioral change goals in diet & lifestyle.
  • Approximately 2 weeks later you will meet again with the dietitian to review your progress and problem-solve on how to overcome barriers you encountered.  At each visit, the dietitian will measure your weight and body fat percentage and work with you to address your unique weight management needs.  
  •  You continue to meet with the doctor every 3 months and the dietitian every 2-4 weeks (depending on your needs and preference).  The dietitian actively works to fill in the knowledge and behavioral gaps in your dietary and lifestyle patterns.  She will provide you with all the tools you need to effectively manage your weight including food journals, food choice guides, and tailored menu plans.  
  • long term changeThis program is not about crash dieting, but learning how to balance intake and activity in the context of our complex and often hectic day-to-day lives.  We encourage steady gradual weight loss.  We understand that weight management is hard work and that life does not always go according to plan.  Our goal is to help you to develop the dietary and lifestyle habits as well as the coping skills necessary to achieve and maintain a healthy weight over the long-term.

We also provide stand alone nutrition services for persons interested only in meeting with a registered dietitian for nutrition or weight management counseling.  The dietitian can accept some insurances, but if she is not on your plan, we charge only a low rate of $20 per visit.

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